Refinancing customers can get up to $3000 cash bonus

Residential current offers

More value, across all lending needs

New Cash Bonus Offers

Please refer to the following important documents

Eligibility of both Offers:

To be eligible, the approved loan/s must satisfy the following

  • Regulated Retail Home Lending
  • Minimum new home loan amount of $250,000, with the purpose of Refinance from an external financial institution  
  • Application fully received between Friday 15th May 2020 and Friday 10th July
  • Settlement on or before Tuesday 10th November 2020
  • Standard Variable, Back to Basics Variable and Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Loan to Value Ratio (“LVR”) including Lenders Mortgage Insurance (“LMI”) is less than or equal to 90%

Available on;

  • Personal/Owner Occupied & Investment lending
  • Principal and Interest or Interest Only

Refinance Cash Bonus Offer (1) – how much is the customer eligible for?

  • >= $250,000 will receive $2,000, or
  • $750,000+ will receive $3,000

Frontline Extra Cash Bonus Bonus Offer (2) – for eligible occupations

  • >= $250,000 will receive a total of $3,000 or;
  • $750,000+ will receive a total of $4,000

Campaign Codes – please enter into Apply Online 

$250,000-$749,000 use CASHBONUS250

$750,000+ use CASHBONUS750

If also eligible add EXTRA to the above.  e.g. CASHBONUS250EXTRA

Interest Rate Special Offers

Special Offer Interest Rates – Need to Know

  • All interest rate offers are for eligible new home lending over $150,000
  • Pre-approvals are not eligible for Special Offers, unless converted during eligible dates. 
  • The interest rates quoted below are inclusive of a discount margin which is deducted from the Standard Interest Rate. View the Interest Rate Guide shown on the Home Loan Interest Rates tab for a full list of standard interest rates. 

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